PLC/SCADA programming

We offer professional services of PLC controller programming.

We offer professional services of PLC controller programming.

By using other brands’ tested solution systems and taking into account application requirements and individual needs of our clients we are able to effectively implement every application.
Our previous realizations were based on GE Intelligent Platforms and Siemens, WAGO controllers.
Not once have we used products from companies such as Horner, Schneider-Electric, Omron, Festo, Fatek, Unitronics.

Our services include modern solutions in SCADA systems and a full usage of their abilities.

We also create clear and simple visualizations on HMI operator panels.

We create SCADA applications on platforms such as Asix, Wonderware In Touch, iFix, Simatic-WinCC, Simplicity.

We program operator panels such as Proface, QuickView, Weintek, Siemens, Astraada.

Our offer includes:
  • Computer supervision, monitoring and industrial processes control systems
  • Communication systems with control equipment and microprocessor devices from different manufacturers
  • Data presentations in report, trends, alarm list or diagnostic windows form
  • Access to data through WWW server

A crucial element of collecting any information is an appropriate evaluation and selection of solutions in industrial communication such as:

  • Creating device communications structures with software that can be later used in designed industrial network systems
  • Creating connections with the most popular data exchange standards including CANopen, DeviceNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, InterBus-S, Modbus, M-Bus, Profibus protocols and HDSL, Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS radio communication

In our applications we put the biggest emphasis on safety, functionality and optimization of controlled systems. We deeply care about devices diagnosis and providing complex information about the object to the operator and their team.

Our previous realizations consisted of objects such as:

  • Instalacje biomasy
  • Kotły węglowe i ich urządzenie pomocnicze (np. układy podawania paliwa, instalacje palników rozpałkowych)
  • Urządzenia pomocnicze turbin parowych
  • Linie produkcyjne materiałów budowlanych
  • Obiekty gospodarki wodno-ściekowej i pompownie
  • Instalacje odpopielania
  • Układy nawęglania