Lab and service offer

Reliable work
of every installation
demands service
of exploited
automation/control systems
and devices.

After realization we provide warranty services and we offer post-warranty service as well as automation/control systems and devices exploitation. You’ll also find automation/control devices maintenance, periodic review and conservation in our offer. We also provide lab service of measurement devices checking. Our service consists of:

  • Diagnostics and failure repairs of automation/control and electric systems
  • Service and exploitation of:
    1. control systems of automation
    2. measuring devices for thermal and electric measurements
    3. control and regulation systems
    4. electric and pneumatic shut-off and regulating drives
    5. inverter drives
    6. automation/control supply systems
  • Checking measuring devices used for thermal and electric measurements
  • Executing electric measurements
  • Checking and calibrating pressure and differential pressure transducers
  • Checking and calibrating temperature transducers
  • Checking temperature sensors (thermocouples and resistance sensors)

The services listed above are conducted by a crew of well experienced engineers and technicians. They’ve gained their experience during many interesting and specialistic realizations that were often technically hard. That was mainly in power industry but also in many other branches on at the following objects:

  • boilers, turbines and their auxiliaries
  • coal handling, ash and slag removal facilities
  • water treatment stations
  • water and sewage treatment
  • water and steam systems
  • fuel systems

We are very quick to react to notifications, we are mobile and effective in solving problems.

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