Field assembly

An executed
is the best
we could ask for.

An executed installation is the best recommendation we could ask for.
A failure-free installation realized by the APP is our best showcase and recommendation, that’s why field assembly is really important to us. Using appropriate tools, assembly techniques and quality materials combined with professional management and work organization guarantees quality demanded by clients.
We are flexible and mobile when it comes to organization. We use a modern car fleet with different destination and different abilities and as a result we are able to quickly adjust to changing conditions at the facility.

Safety of our employees is just as important to us as efficiency and quality of an assembly. They are equipped in every necessary personal protection and team-protection means depending on dangers occurring on the object and type of work being done there. This is complemented by regular health and safety lectures and rising awareness of dangers, rules and requirements of safe work.

Our offer consists of:

  • Installation of cable routes
  • Laying power, control and fiber optic cables
  • Installation of measuring devices, valves, valve manifolds and impulse tubes
  • Installation of control and power cabinets and measuring stands
  • Connecting circuits: power, measurement and control circuits
  • Post-assembly measurements
  • Preparation of quality documentation